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We pride ourselves on using ecologically sustainable practices, which results in generally lower maintenance, healthy gardens and happy gardeners. From design to implementation to whatever maintenance schedule suits your level of comfort, Home Grown Gardens is at your service.


Sadly, the practice of pruning has broadly become both a lost art and a misunderstood science. Fortunately, at Home Grown Gardens we happen to know what we are doing. Whether it's a fruit tree, a Japanese Maple or a favourite Rhododendron, pruning is our specialty. One might even call it an obsession!

We know our hedges! Big, small, well kept or overgrown, we have the equipment and experience to deal with all your hedging needs.

Garden maintenance without the fumes or the noise! Home Grown Gardens proudly uses Stihl Lithium-Ion landscaping tools. No gas, no cords, no problem. Weeding, trimming, mulching and leaf/storm cleanup are a breeze for us.

There is more to planting than digging a hole and filling it in around your new tree. Our planting methods ensure long term survival in your landscape. Trees and shrubs may have  a "lifespan," but in most cases it should be a lot longer than yours.


Plants tend to grow bigger than most of us imagine. Design mistakes will be made even by the best of us. We can help you decide which plants to relocate, cut back or remove. Please note that we do not condone topping of trees, unless they are part of a formal hedge or topiary.

It is a privilege to design a new garden. With the long term vision always in mind, we will find the right plants for your needs, keeping in mind that everything grows larger than you might expect! The key to low maintenance is to design around the ultimate size of plants and not attempt to keep a tree or woody shrub at a predetermined size.

Whether it's soil or mulch coming in or yard waste going out, we've got you covered.

We're always happy to have you pick our brains! In the field of horticulture, learning is never complete but as it is we can offer plenty of scientifically sound advice.

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